Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Chalk Art 2011

Here are some faves from Dan's work sponsored Chalk Art Festival at the Gateway that took place on June 17-18th. Hooray for Utah Foster Care Foundation!

She was holding his hand right before this picture. :)

First up, the Disney montage.
Most of these are incomplete. I guess we were there a little too early on Saturday (follow the links above for pics of the finished product)

Two Tangled squares

Mickey Mouse and crew
Lion King
This won the People's Choice award and they posted a very cool time lapse video here.
Some other favorites

"Foster Parents are Magical"
They also had many booths for other vendors to advertise their business. One of them being for a Princess Party! So, they had a real live princess there to help out-SNOW WHITE! I think I was just as excited as McKenna was. And let me tell you, this Snow White was Awesome with a capital A! She spoke in Snow White's tone the entire time and asked McKenna if she was being like the dwarf Bashful. :)

We also enjoyed some FREE Creamies and cotton candy with Aunt Lara who was there as one of the photographers for the festival. She kinda has a connection. ;)

Hooray for another CAF in the books!

This is the Place and Picnic

This is the Place Heritage Park had a free day! So we went. The sun was shining and the temperature was mid 70s. I'll take it! However, two-year-olds don't understand much about pioneer living. And McKenna, true to form, was scared of all the sheep, chickens, and horses. So, we enjoyed walking in and around less than half of the old building but she got to try beating a rug or two. We also met up with Dan's sister, Brynn, and her family. By far, the best part (for Kenna) was riding the TRAINS! Unfortunately, because it was so crowded (remember is was FREE), we HAD to take our strollers on the train with us, and we HAD to get off at every stop and either hike back to where you really wanted to end up, or stand in a long line again for the next train. McKenna didn't seem to mind. But boy was it exhausting for her mother! ;)

With cousin Katie on the first train ride.
The rest of Brynn's family. It was squished and cozy!
Ben was on the floor, happy to play with his toes.
Smile! Aren't we having fun?!?! It was lunch time.
Picture on the second train ride. Again, doesn't she look thrilled? :)
Another highlight was the FREE ice cream! She managed to get very little, if any, on her hands and clothes. What a cute chocolate face!

We also recently attended a work picnic with my sister Mickelle who lives in Provo. She was allowed to invite her family this year.
There were some fun games: lawn darts
I can't remember why she was pouting, but it's still cute.
The picnic area was up Provo Canyon, of course near the swift and deadly, super high Provo River. We kept and very close eye on McKenna dear!
You can kind of see how fast the water's moving in this video.
There also happened to be a swift water rescue team running drills and training right by us.
Thanks Aunt Pickle for the yummy lunch, great company, and afternoon naps at your apartment after!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

California- Memorial Day Weekend

With my parents getting ready to move to Chile, my 2 siblings who live in Utah and I decided we should go to their house in CA for one last visit. Dan was quite busy with school, work, and internship, so he was unable to accompany us. :( However, because he didn't come, we only had to take one car. It was cozy, I sat between the two kids in the back, but it worked just great! It turned out to be a 13 hour car ride because we had to make so many stops for me to nurse Ben. I think the kids did pretty well, all things considered. However, not something I want to do with them every weekend. :) Some photos documenting our trip.

Sleeping babes in the car

Watching movies- portable DVD player=lifesaver!
(Oh, and binkies help too. ;) Yes, I know she's a little old to still be using one.)

McKenna has still not made the transition to a big girl bed. (Mostly because we haven't bought one yet.) So she slept in a pack 'n play while at my parent's house. You would think she might not like being so cramped. Oh well. Good thing she has all her sleeping buddies. :)
We took many walks down my parents long driveway to see the train tracks. Notice the rows of walnut trees behind us. Such a cool farm they live on!

Fun with Grandma Kelly and Grandpa Mike!
We took so many walks, and waited and waited until we finally got to see one cross up close!
Boy was it loud!

My dad took us to the plant where they do all the cracking and sorting of the walnuts. If the plant were running we would have had to wear hairnets as we walked around. We weren't required to this time around, but I still had to put one on Ben.

With my sister and brother.

Eating out at a delicious Chinese BBQ restaurant!

Memorial Day weekend also happened to be the weekend my parents were speaking in church. My mom wanted to add a Thompson family musical number to the meeting as well. Here we are practicing. My siblings are goobers sometimes. :)
Fun wrestling with Aunt "Pickle."

Some cute Ben faces!

His funny trick!
My mom's craftiness never ceases to amaze me. She made this hollyhock flower "doll."
McKenna kept asking if she could hold the princess. :)
It was a GREAT trip and so fun to be in their home one more time before they pack up and move to the SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE! Thanks for the fun visit!!