Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ben Face!

I told you I'd have more posts with this little guy's mug.

He's a good stretcher after he nurses.
(Don't mind big sister "spraying" him with a glow stick.)

Such love!
His cheeks are starting to fill out too- yummy!

These next pictures were taken at a weird angle because Ben's always craning his neck to look around. Sorry some of them wouldn't rotate correctly. You can see some GREAT SMILES though! :)

LOVE HIM! We just can't get enough!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Deer Valentine

It's a play on words. Get it? :)

Our new house is a little further up hill, more into the "bench" area of Bountiful, UT. Therefore, we see WAY more deer than we did at our condo. This particular day, I had just gotten McKenna up from her nap and we heard a car honking long and loud. I pulled up her blinds and we saw this "herd" across the street. It makes me nervous to plant anything in the flower beds this Spring. Who knows what they'll eat and what they won't?

Our Valentine's day was much like any other day. Shocking, I know. The Saturday before, my sister Mickelle, babysat McKenna and me, Dan, and our wee boy babe went out to dinner (where Ben proceeded to blow out) and then grocery shopping. So romantic! :) Dan also bought me these beautiful daffodils and some sparkling grape juice to share over some wonderful conversation.

More Ben!

Here are some pictures from the past three weeks or so. It's fun to see how much babies change in the first two months. So, I'll probably keep these kinds of posts coming.
Hope you don't mind. :)

I love Ben's face in this one
He's kinda l o n g

He's doing the "smolder" from Tangled
A cute camo outfit from one of Dan's aunts (Thanks Brenda!)
Had to capture those cute ears on an outfit from Dan's mom
These are our attempts to photograph his first smiles on Valentine's day!

And here's McKenna playing with her closest (in age) girl cousins. It's fun to capture the rare occasions when they're all getting along. :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Kids Say...

Since December, I've been keeping a little list of some new and funny things McKenna can do and say:

1.) She was/is obsessed with Frosty the Snowman (both the movie and song.)

2.) She has started to pretend cook. And we don't even have a play kitchen. :)

3.) She now asks "Why?"

4.) She can go down most stairs standing up and facing forward.

5.) Tells people to "Watch this!"

6.) She saw me picking at baby Ben's dandruff and asked, "He have crumbs?"

7.) We've been talking a lot about good and bad choices since she's started to hit Ben. One morning we had a conversation like this:

Me- "I'm going to go get dressed."

McKenna- "Ok mom. That's a good choice."

8.) She's currently in love with "Belle." I caught her holding a little play mirror and saying, "Show me the Beast!"

9.) She goes around the house reciting books she has memorized.

10.) She loves Super Why! From that show, she got the phrase, "I have a question" and "My question is..."

11.) She was looking at some Disney princess stickers and said, "Belle have dress, Cinderella have dress, Ariel have dress... Jasmine have peejamas."

12.) She likes to put some of her babies in Ben's seat. This just made me laugh. :)

Here she is telling me all about Snow White

And some sweet dance moves

Thompson Family "Reunion"- Part 2

Here are some fun things we did during our week together.

Family pictures taken by my sister-in-law, Lara.
The Girls
The Boys
Our family of FOUR- What??

Swimming at the South Davis Rec Center
Ben at the pool :)
Kenna was being brave getting splashed with Aunt "Picko"
If you haven't played this, you haven't lived. ;) Good times.
This picture cracks me up. After the kids went to bed, we mostly just loved being together and breathing the same air. We're computer nerds too. :)
Other activities included watching movies, going skiing, visiting other extended family in Fairview and my Condie grandparents.
*My super handy brother-in-law, Justin, was SO nice to help with a few home improvement projects while he was here! Dan's been pretty busy since the semester started. So who knows when he would have gotten around to doing these things. Justin recaulked around our bathroom counters, replaced the bypass valve on our water softener, and replaced the locks on our front door. My Dad also replaced the the "guts" of one of our toilets. Ahh- the joys of home ownership. :) THANKS for ALL your fabulous help handy men!