Thursday, November 29, 2012


I know I haven't blogged about Halloween yet.  But I needed to tell the blogging world (since we've already told the FB world) our exciting news!  
On Thanksgiving, we announced we're "Thankful for #3!"  We're due with our third baby June 23rd.  Since I've gone over with the other two, this one might come pretty darn close to Dan's BD on the 30th.  
So far, I'm feeling pretty decent.  I haven't thrown up or been too exhausted.  But it certainly seemed that as soon as I didn't have to keep it a secret anymore and "play tough," that I started feeling a little sicker and a little more tired.
Also, we're going to have the gender of the baby be a SURPRISE!!  Well, a surprise for everyone but Dan.  He's planning on finding out and keeping it a secret from the world for 20+ weeks.  Good luck dude!   

North Logan Pumpkin Walk 2012

The theme this year was Let the Games Begin!  
We went with some friends from our ward, the Puzeys.  You'll see some pictures of their kids at the end.  
Ben really enjoyed it! ;) 
The weather was perfect!  Mid to upper 60s! 

Some of my favorite.
 The Bachelor
 Olympic Games
 Super Mario Bros
 Nacho Libre
 Hungry Hungry Hippos

 Let's Dance (on the Wii)
 Killer Bunnies (my bro actually loves this card game!)

 Ants in the Pants
 Harry Potter-Chess
 Hunger Games
 Guess Who? (one of my favorite games when I was little)
 Duck, duck, goose
 I Spy
 Snowball fight
 High-Ho Cheerio
 Alice and Wonderland
 Romney and Obama's "Puppy Payback"
 The whole time we were there McKenna wanted to go do the "funny faces."  She was pretty whiney until we got there at the very end.  

 Beautiful Fall colors in Logan too. 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Great Grandpa Webster

Dan's sweet Grandpa Reed Webster passed away while we were on our trip heading from VA to AL.  We were grateful to be able to finish our trip and then come home in time for the funeral, but we were SO sad not to be able to say our good-byes.  That being said, I was much more joyful about this family member passing than when Grandma passed leaving Grandpa behind.  Now, after 15 months or so of separation, they are TOGETHER AGAIN!  

1923 ~ 2012

Reed J Webster passed away Oct. 7 2012 in Harrisville, Utah surrounded by family. 
He was born Aug. 9, 1923 in Cedar City, son of John Urie and Mary Johnson Webster. He grew up in Salt Lake in the Sugar House area. 
During World War II he answered the call to serve and was wounded in combat in Germany. He received the Purple Heart and a Bronze Star. Between the many surgeries he needed on his arm, he met and married Norma "Chris" Christensen on September 20, 1947 in Orem, Utah. They were later sealed in the Salt Lake Temple. He graduated from the University of Utah in 1950, and went to work as a factory rep for the Masonite Corp. He and Chris later built a coin-operated laundromat and dry cleaning business on 13th East in Salt Lake as well as in Magna and Centerville. After many years he sold the business and became a Realtor. 

He served in many positions in the LDS Church, including Explorer advisor, Bishop, Singles Branch President, and in the Stake Presidency. He served in the Salt Lake Temple and later served three temple missions with Chris. First in Johannesburg, South Africa, where he later became Temple President (1992-1995), and later in Hawaii, and St George. After their missions they spent summers in Bear Lake and winters in St. George.  

Dan's brother, Adam, and I were able to sing the closing hymn, Oh My Father, during the funeral.

Grandpa Webster was a veteran of WWII.  This was my first military graveside service where they played Taps and gave a "21 gun" salute.  Made me feel very patriotic even though my children were somewhat freaked out about the loud gun shots.

Dan's dad with his three sisters.  
The David Webster Family 
The Dan Webster Family :)
The funeral happened to be on Dan's dad's birthday as well.  It was a wonderful day filled with many family, memories, and honoring McKenna and Ben's amazing Great Grandpa Webster!  I'm so grateful to know my children come from such a wonderful Webster family line. :)